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Resolve. Resilience. Return. Reform. Reimagination.
In every stage of recovery, there are partners, initiatives, and stages that bring us closer together, helping us achieve our goal of unifying our community.
We’re excited to come together with the Town of Addison, the Carrollton, TX - City Government, and the Farmers Branch City Hall to help support our friends, Metrocrest Services. Now, more than ever, Metrocrest Services needs unity in our community, to aid those most affected and vulnerable during these uncertain times.
We’ve partnered, in collaboration with Big Game USAModa Fabrics United NotionsMayor Robert DyeMayor Kevin Falconer, and Mayor Joe Chow on the “Better Together Metrocrest” T-shirt and masks, with proceeds going directly to benefit Metrocrest Services to stop gap their current $100k shortfall due to COVID-19, ensuring the most vulnerable in our community are not in crisis mode for years to come.
Please visit to purchase a shirt and/or mask.
1. Purchase a shirt for $30 (covers 2 families meals for a week).
2. A mask for $5 (15 meals for our community).
3. Both for $35.
The resolve and resiliency to return our community back to the place where all residents feel safe, sheltered, fed, and equitable is something we, as a business community, can reimagine and reform as we participate in working with our 3 partner cities, mayors, residents, and supporters; because we truly are better together, Metrocrest.


The Metrocrest Chamber Annual Golf Tournament is traditionally held at Indian Creek Golf Club. This year's date will be October 26, 2020 and we expect over 95 golfers to enjoy a beautiful day on the course!

If you would like to volunteer, please contact the chamber at 469-587-0420 or email.

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