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Emerging Professionals Mission Statement:
Emerging Professionals, a program of the Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce, exists to provide a competitive advantage to emerging professionals (ages 21-40) by connecting them to: each other, our community, educational programs, and business opportunities.

Business Relationships Purpose Statement:
The purpose of the Business Relationships Committee is to help Emerging Professionals members foster and develop meaningful business relationships. The Business Relationships Committee will strive to achieve this purpose by providing educational opportunities and experiences for Emerging Professionals members in the realm of business development and client management, as well as by providing focused opportunities for Emerging Professionals members to expand their business network 

Professional Development Committee Purpose Statement:
The Professional Development committee provides resources and opportunities for emerging professionals to develop and hone the talents and skills that allow them to succeed. From quarterly "how-to" sessions to mentoring opportunities, the Professional Development committee's goal is to facilitate the education and growth of all emerging professionals. Want to learn a new skill or brush-up one that you already have? We've got your back.

Social Relationships Committee Purpose Statement:
Making & maintaining social connections and establishing friendships with people in other industries.

Community Service Committee Purpose Statement:
The Community Service Committee exists to serve the community by connecting emerging professionals with local non-profit organizations in the cities of Addison, Carrollton, and Farmers Branch. The result of this connection will be better equipped organization.  

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